Bringing Audio Perfection to Your Sound

ADPTR AUDIO’s suite of plugins is meticulously crafted to empower music producers, engineers, and composers with precision tools for mixing and mastering.

Explore our range of innovative plugins.

Dive into ADPTR Audio’s world of high-quality plugins, each crafted to enhance your music production with precision and innovation. Explore our products below and find the perfect tool to refine your sound.


The Thing That Your Audio Needs

Designed from the ground up to be easy to access but allow deep control when you need it. Hype brings cutting-edge, multi-band compression, harmonic generation and stereo placement together in a new streamlined workflow.

From subtle excitement to bombastic attitude, take your sound from Raw to Hype in the fastest possible way.


The Ultimate Mix Reference Tool

Perfect your mix with Metric AB. Compare with the industry’s best using seamless A/B testing and precise volume matching. Elevate your audio to professional levels and hear the difference with Metric AB.


Optimize Your Audio for Streaming Dominance

Ensure your music meets streaming standards with Streamliner, the essential tool for loudness optimization and real-time codec auditioning.


Shape Your Sound with Surgical Precision

Explore sonic shaping with SCULPT. This dynamic tool offers multi-band compression, spectral clipping, and dynamic EQ for detailed and precise audio control.

All ADPTR audio plugins works with the newest Mac machines and run natively with M1 / M2 devices.