Optimize Your Music for Streaming Dominance

Optimize Your Music for Streaming Dominance
Prepare your masters for streaming with one simple workflow.
Preview how your music as it will be heard on streaming platforms with presets for all streaming platforms, codecs and loudness normalisation.
Plus beautiful metering for loudness and dynamics and loudness targets drawn from the worlds best mixes ensure optiminum levels for mixes and mastering. Reveal and correct problems before delivery with Streamliner.



Platform Codec Preview

Hear exactly how your mixes will sound to end listeners, each streaming service transcodes your music differently, which can lead to clipping and other undesirable effects.

Genius Metering

Avoid clipping with comprehensive metering. Streamliner features state of the art metering with simple, readable metrics that help you optimise the loudness, dynamics and true peak levels.

Loudness Normalisation

Discover how loudness normalization will affect your masters and hear how your mix stacks up to others in a streaming playlist.

Export Masters

Streamliner simplifies your workflow by offering a batch export feature that allows you to export all codec profiles from your current platform preset in a single click. Use these audio files to test the quality of your music on various devices like mobile phones and laptops. 

Audition Codecs

Streamliner’s simple and comprehensive Codec Auditioning feature allows you to easily preview your audio through the very same algorithms used by Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and so many other streaming platforms.

Target Levels

Over 100 Presets for Target levels.

Drawn from amazing sounding hit records and covering Loudness, dynamics and true peak levels.

All styles of music across all the platforms, including global TV Broadcast and advertising standards.

Genius Metering

Use your ears, and optimise levels for maximum performance across all listening platforms.

Combining Target Levels with its intuitive and powerful metering suite, featuring state of the art meters for Loudness, Dynamics, and True Peak levels with target levels to guide you to optimum results.

Switch to Meters only view for a handy small footprint meter during mix sessions.

Loudness Matching

Automatic Level Matching for all streaming platforms and reference track comparison, help ensure your releases stand up to your favourites, without any second-guessing over levels.

Export with Codecs

Export your track using The codecs inside Streamliner.  include Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, Pandora, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Napster, Beatport Pro, Primephonic, Mixcloud, Facebook Video, Instagram, Twitch, Gaana, and global TV Broadcast and advertising standards.

As well as all major music formats including Mp3, AAC, Opus and OGG Vorbis.

A-B Reference Track

Streamliner allows you to easily compare your mix to reference songs. This feature helps you understand how your music stacks up against tracks released by industry-leading artists. Streamliner offers a real-time A/B comparison feature and loudness matching, making achieving a professional-sounding master easier than ever.




Premade streaming platform presets

Optimise playback for over 20 different platforms. Includes all the major platforms such as Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, YouTube Music as well as Social Media platforms and global TV Broadcast and advertising standards.

Codec Preview

Audition music through the actual codecs used by streaming platforms in realtime. Isolate the artefacts caused by the encoding process and hear the difference between the original and encoded versions with a single click.

Loudness matching

Use platform loudness normalisation to hear how your mix will sound when loudness normalisation is active on Spotify etc. Perfect for hearing how the mix will sit with other tracks in a playlist.

Target Levels

Target level presets drawn from dozens of incredible mixes. Compare loudness, true peak and dynamics levels from the best mix and mastering engineers as well as international broadcast levels for TV and Film to ensure you deliver optimal levels.

Batch export files with codec compression

Audition and export in all major codecs with just one click. Wether you want to export a single platform or a custom or a custom set of your favourites (or your artists faves). Including AAC, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and Opus plug Bitrate options: 320/256/224/192/160/128/96/64/32

Real-time A/B mix comparison

Load your favourite artist tracks and compare with your own mix objectively. Playback modes include manual, loop and cue or synchronise playback to the host position to audition pre and post mastering versions of your mix.

Resizeable UI

Resize the UI to the ideal footprint, wether you prefer big and bold, or small and discrete, the options are waiting for you. Or switch to Meters only UI for reduced footprint during the mixing stage.

Zero-latency meters

Analyse and optimise for loudness (Integrated, Short_term and Momentary), PSR and PLR dynamic range, and true peak. Reduce the footprint with the Meters only mode and retain access to the essential metering functions as well as level presets for quick access.


Supported Plugin Formats


AAX Native, AU, VST2, VST3


Supported Operating Systems


MacOS 10.11 ‘El Capitan’ through macOS 13 Ventura
(fully compatible with native M1 and M2 chips)

Windows 7 through Windows 10

Intel, or Apple Silicon
x64-compatible CPU


System Requirements


Display Resolution: 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher

Memory: 4 GB+ RAM (8GB+ Suggested)

Version 1.1.0 (Sept 22, 2023)
– Apple Silicon Native: All plugin formats are native Apple Silicon incl AAX and have been tested with OS Ventura.
– Meters Only Mode: Hide the Codec Preview window, show the Meters only. UI takes half the space, and works at zero latency.
– New – Reference Tracks: Sync Start Offset for Reference tracks – Similar to Metric AB Sync Mode.
– Sync Mode: Better compatibility with Wavelab/Logic etc. Streamliner now Detects Invalid Start Point and asks you to restart the Transport to lock in Sync position.
– Artefact Auditioning: Click the Artefact button to hear the difference between the original and encoded audio file.
– Integrated LUFS Auto-Reset: Select the option on the transport panel. This will restart the Integrated LUFS reading each time you restart DAW playback.
– New Presets: New Broadcast and Streaming category for Levels and Platforms: Broadcast and Streaming Platforms / International TVC / AES R128 and more.
– Batch Export: Now you can now batch export all files from the Platform preset with a single click.
– Windows M4a file support (Mac always had M4a support)
– FIXED – AAC Hi-frequencies above 17K were reduced on some bitrate settings.
– FIXED – Tidal LUFS level updated to -14 LUFS.
– FIXED – Loudness Meter Target Warning was not always turning red when exceeding the user target settings. This is valid for Integrated Loudness and Short Term Loudness displays.


Version 1.0 (Oct 2, 2020)
– Released version

* Please ensure that you have a Plugin Alliance account with an active license before downloading.