The Thing That Your Audio Needs

Designed from the ground up to be easy to access but allow deep control when you need it. Hype brings cutting-edge, multi-band compression, harmonic generation and stereo placement together in a new streamlined workflow.


From subtle excitement to bombastic attitude, take your sound from Raw to Hype in the fastest possible way.

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High End Sonics

HYPE offers revolutionary processing tools for compression, harmonics, and stereo placement. Fulfilling the same role as mixing hardware without falling into the same trope as emulations.

Each algorithm has been carefully hand tuned to solve a specific problem, create a possibility or open the doorway to something new and unique.

Modern Elegant Workflow

Designed from the ground up to be easy to access but allow deep control when you need it, Hype brings several cutting-edge technologies together in a uniquely accessible way. Ignite creative ideas and take your sound from Raw to Hype in the fastest possible way, from defining the broad strokes to fine tuning nuances. Hype is fast, flexible and intuitive.

Multi-Band with No Limits

Easily combine multiple harmonic generators and compression algorithms in HYPE to drive, saturate, or enhance signals. Apply distinct harmonic modes across three bands, allowing for tailored dynamic shaping across low, mid, and high frequencies. Hype’s Multi-band X-Over can operate in either low latency or linear phase mode for pristine phase accurate parallel processing.

Tones and Treatments

From subtle excitement to bombastic attitude, Hype comes loaded with flavors. With over 200 presets, Filter by category, by User or just for favorites and quickly jump through presets to find the perfect partner for your sound. 

Load individual compressor, harmonics and stereo presets, lock the X-Over to your material and get experimental.

Empire Wreck
Blanch Beat
8040s Beat
House Drums
Synth Hype
Synth Bass 1
Synth Bass 2
Energy Arp


Listen to the difference Hype can bring to your sound.

Modern Dynamic Control

From the extreme Slam and Brick, to the classic Opto, and unique Gated mode, Hype’s six compressor modes range from radical and over the top to subtle and nuanced. Combo merges two modes for a unique blending experience, while Gentle offers elegant, minor adjustments ideal for mastering, providing versatile dynamics control for every creative endeavor.

Harmonic Excitement

From subtle excitement to rich saturated overtones, the six pristine algorithms deliver beautiful color to every sound they touch. Combine and mix algorithms across each of the three bands to achieve truly exceptional colouration.


The harmonic engine in HYPE uses advanced ADAA algorithms, in tandem with UrsaDSP’s Trajectory technology in order to achieve consistent harmonics with substantially reduced inharmonic content. Hype introduces harmonics without adding additional gain change, letting you hit the harmonic sweet spot at any gain level.

Stereo Placement

Enhance stereo image and depth with complete mid/side settings across all three bands and independently adjust the dry and wet signals to achieve optimum exposure in the mix.


By Separating the wet and dry width it is also possible to push the harmonics out to create engaging stereo soundscapes from the new tonal content the whilst leaving the original signal unchanged.With a fast and seamless way to switch between controlling anything and everything, whichever combination you need is readily available, no limits. It goes where you tell it to.

Multi-Band with Minimal Work

Hype harnesses the power of multi-band processing with the simplicity of broadband operation.


The Aggregate controls for each Module behave like macro settings allowing you to quickly move the parameters for all 3 bands in a coherent way without having to repeat actions over and over. Browsing into each Module exposes the linked multi-band controls, offering quick editing of the broad strokes, while still being able to dial in the multi-band parameters individually for the ultimate shaping experience.


Sonic Excellence

HYPE combines well understood controls like multi-band split points and per band gain with high quality filters capable of both low latency mode and linear phase mode intended for parallel and send processing. 


The Tone control allows you to shape the results of the sound to match human hearing. Higher settings will make the Compressor and Harmonics sections more sensitive in the mid-range and treble leading to a creamier sounding result. Lower settings produce a brighter, more dominant sound.

Preset Pollination

With categories for common instruments, mix bus, mastering and production styles, a new tone is just a click away. 


Have the perfect Harmonics but want to try a different Compressor? Hype lets you load the settings for just one module at a time whilst leaving the rest fixed. You can also lock the X-Over panel settings to fix the frequency splits and band gains to your material when loading new presets.


Finally, A B C D variations allow you to load and audition multiple presets, while copy and paste gives you the freedom to transfer presets between plugin instances and even across different DAWs.





6 unique, modern compression algorithms, hand tuned DSP with simple controls for quick operation. Industry leading Trajectory Envelope detection developed by UrsaDSP.


6 High end harmonic generation algorithms with advanced ADAA to remove undesirable harmonics associated with waveshaping. Industry leading Harmonic waveshaping developed by Chowdhury DSP.

Stereo Placement

Stereo module for harnessing mid-side processing on the dry and wet signals to optimize stereo image and depth

Parallel Processing

Use the HYPE knob to mix the wet and dry signals. This works like parallel processing aka New York style compression.

X-Over Tonal Balance

Multi-band crossover for redefining crossover frequencies with intuitive controls, adjusting the balance across bands for targeted processing.

Linear Filters

Linear filters for maintaining absolute phase relationships, perfect for parallel processing, bus processing, and delivering superior sound quality.

Auto Level

Auto Level feature that underpins Hype’s functionality, maintaining consistent perceived loudness across the mix.

Final Clipper

Contain those peaks with a brick walled final clipper stage. The clipper can be assigned to either the full mix or just the wet signal, it’s your choice.

Tone Control

Shape the sound for a creamy mid range lift, or move to a brighter, more dominant sound with a gentle glide of the tone fader.


Ships with over 200 presets covering drums, bass, vocals, guitars, synths, mixing and mastering. Each preset comes with mix notes from the author to help you dial in the details.

Preset Variations

A B C D variations offer a better way to compare settings. Load alternative presets, or make variations in the slots to select the best candidate. Copy and paste to other instances or even across to another DAW.

Tool Tips

Learn as you go! Enable tooltips in the menu to reveal tips and tricks as you traverse the plugin. No one wants to RTFM.


Supported Plugin Formats


AAX Native, AU, AAX AudioSuite, VST2, VST3


Supported Operating Systems


macOS 14 down to macOS 11

Windows 11 down to Windows 10



Intel, or Apple Silicon



x64-compatible CPU


System Requirements


Display Resolution: 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Version 1.0.0 (, 2024)
– Initial release

* Please ensure that you have a Plugin Alliance account with an active license before downloading.