Everything New is Sculpt Version 1.2

Here’s everything new in Sculpt version 1.2. Mono channels, Precision metering mode, Tone Sculpt smoothing, better graph visibility and seven new themes.

Audio Demos

Hear Sculpt work it’s dynamic magic across all kinds of sounds, from epic orchestral scores, rock drums, bass and guitars through to synth bases and sound design.

Mastering Demo with Glenn Schick

Watch Grammy winning mastering guru Glenn Schick take you on a tour of ADPTR AUDIO Sculpt featuring music by Young Dolf.

Walkthrough with White Noise Studio

Adptr Audio Sculpt may be the new standard in dynamics processing with it's 4 modules and very sweet autogain. You will hate your other plugin compressors now, Watch the video to find out why that might be.

Walkthrough with Marc Adamo

Learn how to use Sculpt to control, shape and enhance DYNAMICS in your mix. Sculpt features compressors, transient shapers and the unique Tone Sculpt engine.