Get your reference tracks in SYNC with the new PDC Mode

Have you ever experienced frustration when trying to A-B two versions of the same track, when the streams are out of sync?

Everything New in Metric AB v1.4 [Plugin Update]

It's here, tell your friends. Metric AB just got better.

Custom Filter Bank Settings

Want to know how to save your own custom Filter Bank settings for Metric AB? It's super easy, just watch this little video.

How to use the SYNC function

Get your reference tracks in SYNC with the main mix. This video shows you how to use the SYNC function to start reference track playback from any position on the timeline. Whether you need the reference to start at Bar 32, Bar 99 or even in the pre-roll before bar 1, this video will show you how to get it done.

Production Expert Tutorial + Review

Jules from Production Expert shows off the fast workflow for using reference tracks, and walks you through all the different metering modes. A must watch video. Check out his other tutorials at pro-tools-expert.com

Streaky Mastering Tutorial + Review

Streaky gives his insights into Mastering with Metric A | B . Get more Streaky over at Streaky.com